June 22, 2007

Jumping on the bed

I went into our bedroom the other day and found decorator pillows scattered all over the bed. One pillow was on the floor. Obviously Dakota had been jumping on our bed!

Recently I have been leaving the door open to our bedroom and Dakota has loved being able to join Paris on the dog sofa. I should have realized it was an easy jump from the sofa to the top of our bed!

Have we created a monster? From day one, we have allowed Dakota on the sofas in the living room. So of course, in her head, beds must be okay too.

Being allowed on the sofas, she will dash in from outside and jump right into our laps at full speed. For a while she jumped from Robert’s recliner (when he wasn’t around) right onto the nearby built-in table to grab newspapers, remotes or his hat. Thank goodness catching her a few times and yelling NO at the top of my lungs has pretty well put a stop to that!

Other than the sofa issue (I actually have been able to teach her to stay off the one in the office) Dakota is doing really well. Overall she is a quick learner so it doesn’t take much to direct her toward good behavior. She picked up Leave It right away. Now that we have started taking her to the park she has readily picked up the Come command (I bring lots of very yummy treats for reinforcement). She always responds unless she is focused on another dog or a good scent, in which case, she will pause a bit before running back to us. We have let Dakota run off lead from day one because she does do so well (even with Paris luring her to follow paths far and beyond). Dakota immediately discovered she cannot keep up with Paris at the park. Paris is just too much of a speed demon.

Dakota figured out the going to the park routine right away. The second day, when she saw she wasn’t going in the crate again, she headed to the front door. The third day and today when she saw we were getting ready to go to the park, she went to the front door and sat nicely waiting for us to let her out. She totally loves the park, the running and the exploring, she enjoys meeting other dogs (although she often rolls on her back in greeting) and she especially likes meeting people.

In the past month Dakota has really settled into the routine of becoming a regular dog, she pretty much knows what she can and cannot do, she can be trusted to go out in the field on her own, I don’t have to check on her all the time to see if she is chewing up something forbidden and, the best part, she is essentially house broken! I rarely go out with her to make sure she does her business any more. I say essentially because after five weeks of not having a single accident, she actually had one in our bedroom last night! We are not sure what happened or why she did it except that she had curled up on the sofa with Paris and maybe, when she realized she needed to take care of business, the open sliding glass door was just too far away for her. Tonight she lost her bedroom privileges. At least, for now, this takes care of the jumping on the bed!

More park photos are in our Kodak Gallery.

Posted 13 years, 5 months ago on June 22, 2007
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